Komatsu - Wheel loader, Hydraulic pump - Gear pump

OEM Part Number: 705-38-39000

Description: Hydraulic gear pump front section for a Komatsu pump assembly part number 705-56-36051, for a Komatsu wheel loader models WA320-2, WA320-5, WA320-5L, WA320L-5, WA320PT-5L, WA320-6, WA320PZ-6, and many more.

Machine Model: WA320-2, WA320-5, WA320-5L, WA320-6, WA320L-5, WA320PT-5L, WA320PZ-6.

Machine S/N: WA320-5 S/N B10001-UP WA320-5 S/N WA320-5H50051 - Up WA320-5 S/N 60001-UP (Overseas Version) WA320-5 S/N 60001-UP WA320-5L S/N A32001-UP WA320L-5 S/N 60001-UP WA320PT-5L S/N A39001-UP WA320-6 S/N 70291-UP WA320-6 S/N 70291-UP (North America Standard Machine) WA320-6 S/N 70001-70290 (For North America) WA320-6 S/N 70001-70290 (ECOT 3) WA320-6 Highlift S/N H00059 - H00256 WA320-6 S/N H62051 - Up WA320-6 S/N A35001-UP WA320-6 S/N A34001-UP WA320PZ-6 S/N 70452-UP WA320PZ-6 S/N 70452-UP (For EU) WA320PZ-6 S/N 70452-UP (For North America) WA320PZ-6 S/N 70001-70451 WA320PZ-6 S/N 70001-70451 (For EU) WA320PZ-6 S/N 70001-70451 (For North America) WA320PZ-6 S/N H00051 - Up WA320PZ-6 S/N 70092 - 70187

Notes: SAR90. This is the front pump section belonging to a larger hydraulic gear pump assembly, part # 705-56-36051. This pump assembly has 4 sections.

Dimensions: 1722

Unit Weight (lb): 34.60

Price: $2,115.09

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Price: $2,115.09