Komatsu - Wheel loader, Hydraulic pump - Emergency steering pump

OEM Part Number: 705-40-01020

Description: Hydraulic gear pump assembly used in many machines for emergency steering suitable for Komatsu wheel loaders and Komatsu bulldozers. See the list of machines that use this pump.

Machine Model: WA430-6

Machine S/N: WA470-6 S/N 90216-UP 2 WA380-6 S/N 65949-UP 2 WA380-6 S/N 65949-UP (EU Standard Machine) 2 WA380-6 S/N 65949-UP (North America Standard Machine) 4 WA430-6 S/N 65501-UP (ecot3) 4 WA430-6 S/N 65501-UP (ecot3, For EU) 4 WA430-6 S/N 65501-UP (ecot3, For North America) 1 WA480-6 S/N 90216-UP (For North America) 1 WA480-6 S/N 90216-UP 1 WA480-6 S/N 90216-UP (For EU) 1 WA470-6 S/N 90216-UP (For EU) 1 D21A-8E0 S/N 90210-UP 1 D21P-8E0 S/N 90210-UP 1 WA470-6A S/N 90216-UP (For North America) 2 WA380-7 S/N 10001-UP 1 WA470-7 S/N 10001-UP 1 WA380Z-6 S/N 66847-UP 2 D20P-7A-M S/N 78604-UP 2 D20P-7A S/N 78604-UP (4D94E-1 (Emission) Eng. Installed) 2 D20A-8 S/N 83001-UP 2 D20A-7-M S/N 78604-UP 2 D20P-8 S/N 83001-UP 2 D21A-8 S/N 83001-UP 2 D21A-8T S/N 83001-UP (Trimming) 2 D21A-8E0 S/N 90001-90209 (INTERIM TIER4) 2 D21A-8 S/N 83001-UP (Overseas Version) 2 D21A-7T S/N 78604-UP (Trimming Dozer (m/c)) 2 D21A-7T-M S/N 78604-UP 2 D21A-7 S/N 78604-UP (4D94E-1 (Emission) Eng. Installed) 2 D21A-7-M S/N 78604-UP 2 D20S-7-M S/N 61132-UP 2 D20Q-7-M S/N 61132-UP 1 D20PLL-7-M S/N 62454-UP 2 D20PL-8 S/N 63001-UP 2 D20PL-7-M S/N 62454-UP 2 D20PL-7 S/N 62454-UP (4D94E-1 (Emission) Eng. Installed) 2 D21P-7T S/N 78604-UP (Trimming Dozer (m/c)) 2 D21P-8 S/N 83001-UP (Overseas Version) 2 D21S-7 S/N 61132-UP (4D94E-1 (Emission) Eng. Installed) 2 D21S-7-M S/N 61132-UP 2 D21Q-7-M S/N 61132-UP 2 D21PL-8 S/N 63001-UP 2 D21PL-7-M S/N 62454-UP 2 D21P-8T S/N 83001-UP (Trimming) 2 D21P-8T S/N 83001-UP 2 D21P-8 S/N 83001-UP 2 D21P-8E0 S/N 90001-90209 (INTERIM TIER4) 2 D21P-7T-M S/N 78604-UP 2 D21P-7A-M S/N 78604-UP 1 PC60-6 S/N 28001-UP 1 PC60-6S S/N 28001-UP 2 PC60-7E-B S/N 45001-UP 2 PC60-7-B S/N 45001-UP 2 PC60-7 S/N 45001-UP (With Front Blade Spec.) 1 PC60-6 S/N 28001-UP 1 PC75UU-1 S/N 1001-UP 1 PC75UU-1 S/N 1001-UP 1 PC70-7 S/N 45001-UP 1 PC70-7E S/N 45001-UP 2 PC70-7-B S/N 45001-UP 2 PC70-7E-B S/N 45001-UP 2 PC60-7S-B S/N 45001-UP 2 WA380-5 S/N 60001-UP 2 WA380-5 S/N 60001-UP (Overseas Version) 1 WA380-7 S/N 10001-UP 1 HM300-2 s/n A11001 and up 2 WA430-6 S/N H60051 - H60265 1 WA380Z-6 S/N DZAA0001-up 1 WA470-6 S/N DZAD20001-up 3 WA470-8 S/N 100001-UP 3 WA380-8 S/N 15001-UP Page of 2

Notes: SBL21

Dimensions: 1723

Unit Weight (lb): 9.00

Price: $720.00

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Price: $720.00