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Part Category: Final drive

Sun gear T3 for final drive gearbox for John Deere and Hitachi excavator models JD 180GLC, JD 200DLC, JD 200G, JD 210G, JD 210GLC, JD 225DLC, JD 240DLC, JD 245GLC, JD 250GLC, Zaxis 200LC-3, Zaxis 135US-5N, Zaxis 180LC-5G, Zaxis 180LC-5N, Zaxis 180LC-6N, Zaxis 200LC, Zaxis 20LC-3, Zaxis 210-5G, Zaxis 210LC-5G, Zaxis 210LC-6N, Zaxis 225USLC-3, Zaxis 240LC-3, Zaxis 245USLC-5N, Zaxis 245USLC-6N, Zaxis 250LC-5G, Zaxis 250LC-6N.

Price: $332.93

OEM Part # = 3082156

HITACHI, John Deere - Hydraulic excavator

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