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Part Category: Engine

Hydraulic gear pump for torque converter to fit Komatsu bulldozer models D60P-12, D60P-12-E, D61E-12, D61EX-12, D61EX-12A-W, D61EX-15, D61EX-15E0-BW, D61PX-12, D61PX-12A-W, D61PX-15, D61PX-15E0-BW, D63E-12, D65E-12, D65E-12-E, D65EX-12, D65EX-12-E, D65EX-12H, D65EX-12U, D65EX-15, D65EX-15E0, D65P-12, D65P-12-E, D65PX-12, D65PX-12-E, D65PX-12U, D65PX-15, D65PX-15E0, D65WX-15, D65WX-15E0, D68ESS-12, D68ESS-12E0, D70LE-12, D85ESS-2, D85E-SS-2, D85E-SS-2 SERIAL NUMBERS:J11264, D85ESS-2A, D85E-SS-2A, D85E-SS-2A-E, D85E-SS-2-E, D85ESS-3

Price: $774.96

OEM Part # = 14X-49-11600

Komatsu - Crawler track dozer tractor

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